Motivating Your Child to Care About Grades

Motivating Your Child to Care About Grades

While some children strive to get an “A” on each assignment, other children may be less fussy about what their grades are. No matter how your child is performing in school, it’s important for them to be invested in their grades. As a parent, are there certain steps you can take to help your child become motivated to care about their grades? It turns out, yes! There is plenty that you can do to help your child care about their grades, and it starts with encouragement.

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Encourage Intellectual Curiosity

There’s a reason children are known for their endless questions; they’re simply curious about the world around them. Encourage that intellectual curiosity by answering any questions they have and including them in family discussions. At the dinner table, start a conversation about current events, pop culture, and even your own interests and hobbies. Most likely, your child will have questions about the topic at hand, and by having intellectual conversations regularly, they will be motivated to embrace their inquisitiveness. 

Create a Routine

Routines are a great way to create stability and structure in both your household and your child’s life. Get up at the same time each day (weekends included!), and start the day off with a healthy breakfast. Come nighttime, spend the day winding down by turning off all electronics and spending time reading before bed. By keeping your child’s day consistent, they’ll be able to devote more time and energy to caring about their grades. 

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Be Prepared

Get ready for the next day the night before. Lay out clothes, pack backpacks, and get lunches ready. Taking away the chaos that comes in the morning can help create a structured and organized start to the day, which will help your child feel confident and ready.

Let Your Child Do Homework Alone

By letting your child do their homework by themselves, they will be encouraged to find solutions to their problems. If you’re constantly there and supervising, they may just turn to you for help rather than trying to solve the problem themselves. Additionally, by completing their homework independently, your child will feel accomplished. When your child feels accomplished in their schoolwork, they will become more invested in their grades. 

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