Back on Track: Post Spring Break Engagement

Spring break is an excellent time for kids to get outside, relax with family, and enjoy the Easter holiday. After taking the long break, however, it can be hard for students to get back into the daily grind of classes,

The Magic of Cooking: Engaging Your Child With Science Through Food Science

In order for students to develop a lifetime love of learning, it is essential to capture their attention at a young age. One method for drawing students into science is through the use of food. Read on to discover how

Build Your Child’s Confidence

Every parent dreams of raising strong, courageous children who believe in themselves and their abilities. Take a look at our tips for boosting your child’s confidence and unleashing their full potential. 1. Praise Your Child for Trying When children put

Excuse Me, May I Interrupt?

Children are not exactly known for being patient, but unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for a parent to break away from an important chore or conversation. We have a few suggestions to teach your little one the best way to

Why You Want Your House to be the Hangout House

Playdates may be a little rough when children are younger, but that all changes once they start to mature. Check out the many valuable benefits of prepping your home to be the hangout house for your kids and their friends.