Many parents have realized that a traditional classroom is not the ideal venue to stimulate their children to excel. Class sizes may be too large, their child may not be attuned to the material or teacher or the information may not be advanced enough to inspire a desire to learn. These concerned parents turn to alternative solutions, such as private schools, to encourage stronger learning. Through online, word of mouth and print research, parents are bound to discover that Lake Forrest Preparatory School, one of the top private schools in Orlando, supports students in fulfilling goals they did not dream possible. Lake Forrest Preparatory’s teachers are making a difference with their students in the classroom. Teachers, students and parents also work as a team to encourage student development. Our team approach allows parents to follow the steps of development in their child’s education, and quickly assist if it is evident intervention is necessary. The open line of communication between parents and teachers assures calls or texts are answered promptly; stronger ties between parents and their child’s teacher reduce tension and stimulate conversation.

Private schools are renowned for allowing students to set the bar higher in academics, sports and extracurricular activities, and Lake Forrest Preparatory School leads the field. Our goal is to create an extension of the home within our school, allowing students to be relaxed and ready to learn. We also ensure students learn more than academics through our community outreach programs, art, music and sports programs. Values, which are no longer considered essential in public-school learning programs, continue to be a significant part of our curriculum. When our students graduate, they are well-rounded in all basic disciplines and prepared for life’s wonder and surprises.

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