Lake Forrest Prep was established to provide for the early learning needs of young children and to enhance the quality of life for parents who require child care in an educational setting for their young children.

The Early Childhood Years, birth through age five, are magical years. This is the time of wonder, treasured firsts, questions, newfound independence, expressed opinions, curiosity, new sorrows, much laughter and energy beyond belief.

The nurturing care provided at Lake Forrest Preparatory School is designed with an understanding of how very special the early learning years are. A specialized curriculum presented by professional Lake Forrest Prep educators provides just what the best parents desire for their child. Parents that leave a very young child at Lake Forrest Prep are secure in the knowledge that their child is safe and happy. At Lake Forrest Prep every child has the chance to reach his or her full potential in a safe, enriching, and nurturing school community.

Infants and Toddlers:
Children younger than twenty four months enjoy programs uniquely designed for their age which stimulate language, cognitive and social development!

At Lake Forrest Prep each growth milestone and learning success is a celebration! Professional teachers support each child’s developing sense of awareness and confidence. Teachers are in tune with each child’s needs and interact to encourage communication and understanding. Teachers read, sing, talk and play games to develop language. Gooshy paint and various textures stimulate cognitive growth. Outings in the “Bye-Bye” Buggy and outdoor play encourage motor development.

Important routines are in place for our twenty four to thirty six month old Lake Forrest Prep Kids. Teachers provide exploratory activities in all areas of development through a program designed with predictable repetition so important to children this age.

Time schedules are flexible and smooth providing frequent changes in activity levels. Teachers are warmly responsive to the needs of each child and are patient and supportive as each child becomes increasingly competent and independent. Appealing opportunities for language development are abundant.

Art media, water and sand play, sturdy picture books, appropriate and safe climbing and playground equipment are available to support strong motor development. Daily music, physical education, and Spanish classes are introduced to help enforce cognitive and motor skills.

Pre-kindergarten 3 and 4:
Children in the Pre-K 3 Program enjoy an extensive curriculum with an abundance of materials and equipment to promote exploration and learning. This accelerated curriculum provides extensive experiences in language and social development.

Professional teachers read books; children learn to recite poems, share experience stories, nursery rhymes, finger plays and art activities. The curriculum includes daily instruction in Spanish, music and motor development.

Children in the Pre-K 4 Program learn to make sense of the world and to exercise developing independence and curiosity. The four year old is eager to be involved in learning activities and enjoys activities from Kindergarten Saxon Math, a substantive curriculum that enables quantitative thinking in the young child, and The Preschool Core Knowledge Sequence. The Pre-K 4 program also utilizes Kindergarten Open Court Reading and Zaner Bloser Handwriting curriculums. Pre-K 4 students explore the environment, dictate experience stories, create classroom charts, participate in small group play, and experience an assortment of creative media. Important exercises in writing occur when children draw, copy and invent spelling. Attention to small muscle development continues with pegboards, puzzles, painting and cutting.

Participation in the Lake Forrest Prep Pre-K pre-school program captures the four year olds’ eagerness to learn and results in early academic success.

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