LFPS administers standardized testing for achievement testing at the elementary and middle school level. We continue to use the newest version available with the newest norms and most updated information when comparing our Orlando private school students to other students at the same age and grade level across the nation.

Achievement testing with a nationally normed achievement test evaluates the success of the curriculum, the staff, and the students with nationwide standards, not just the standards of Florida.

Annual testing at every grade level, kindergarten through middle school, provides regular, consistent, and valuable information about Lake Forrest Prep, effectiveness of the curriculum, and the individual student’s progress.

The information obtained from the test results is typically a direct reflection of that particular child in the classroom on a regular basis. This is valuable information because Lake Forrest Preparatory School does not put pressure on the students or staff to prepare for this test. The staff is provided with the carefully selected curriculum and any materials necessary to implement the curriculum. Research shows that if the curriculum is taught with integrity by effective teachers, the students will perform to their highest potential.

The overall scores are quite impressive because LFPS accepts any child that fits within the mission statement. The majority of the students are working above grade level with ease and success.

However, some of the students have diagnosed exceptionalities such as auditory processing and learning disabilities. They may struggle to keep up on a daily basis, but LFPS helps them succeed without a lot of stress and pressure.
Achievement testing does not have to be high pressure if everything else is RIGHT.

Individual student test results are reviewed and discussed at individual parent-teacher conferences at the end of the school year.