In 1991, Lake Forrest Preparatory School, an Orlando private school, opened its doors to students and their families in an effort to offer a private school education to a broader student demographic. Since that time, Lake Forrest has enrolled and graduated thousands of students from its infant, pre-school, elementary, and middle school programs. What’s more, these students are better prepared for high school, college, and life than their same-aged public school peers.

Our philosophy encourages an individualized, enriching educational curriculum that is tailored to each child’s strengths and abilities. Our Orlando private school teachers carefully analyze each student’s learning style and teach to that style while incorporating different learning modalities to strengthen weaker areas, thereby enhancing student competencies. In order to meet your child’s educational goals, Lake Forrest encourages a partnership encompassing the teachers, administrators, students, and parents for each of its students. We recognize that parents are a vital part of every child’s education, and we understand that input from our students’ immediate families will strengthen learning and help students reach their educational potential. As educators, parents, and children interconnect, the foundation of learning is reinforced. This open communication among all three constituents bridges the gap seen in many public schools.

With small class sizes and individualized care and instruction, Lake Forrest Preparatory School strives to create an environment similar to that of an extended family for your child. Join us as part of our family by visiting our website at to request a tour of our facility or to meet with our faculty to discuss the best approach to educating your child.  Lake Forrest Preparatory School does not discriminate based on academic ability, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. Keep in mind that we also accept the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, and the Step Up for Students Scholarship. Contact us to find out more; we look forward to hearing from you.

If you’re confident and proud of your child’s Orlando private school education, share this post. Our students are our top priority and we would love to see each and every child grow to reach their full potential.