Looking over the listings for private schools in Orange County, Florida, it is obvious your family has a plethora of options for either private or public school. While traditional public schools seem the best fit for many families, private schools often provide students with varied curricula, smaller teacher-to-student ratios, and more individualized learning. With careful research and analysis, you will be able to find the school that best suits your child’s intellectual and social needs.

In 1991, our founder, Karen Anderson, brought to light a concept she believed would increase student learning while teaching students to become better citizens. By treating each student with respect and kindness, Ms. Anderson realized the students’ appreciation of themselves and of learning increased, and test scores proved she was correct. Her forward-thinking analysis led to the formation of the Orange county private school, Lake Forrest Preparatory School.

At Lake Forrest, our mission is to ensure that each child reaches his or her greatest potential as a responsible, productive, and capable individual. Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all curriculum, our staff tailors each student’s learning path with respect to his or her learning abilities, interests, and educational standing. Research has proven that children learn better when they are excited about their subject matter and their attention is focused on what they are learning.

Another factor influencing student learning is parent involvement. Lake Forrest Preparatory School encourages parents to take part in their child’s education through volunteering at the school, assisting in sports teams and field trips, taking part in parent/teacher conferences, and by maintaining an open line of communication with their child’s teachers and administrators.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our curriculum, testing philosophy, individualized learning for your child, and our school by visiting our website. We are an elite Orange county private school, and we look forward to speaking with you about your child’s potential. Share this post to highlight your child’s brilliance and to support the personalized teaching of Orange county’s youth.