Orange County is traditionally known as the home of Walt Disney World. However, Orange County is experiencing rapid growth in other areas including arts, culture and entertainment venues; this trend toward growth continues into the private-school sector as well. Boosting more than 150 private schools in the county, Orange County private schools cater to more than 24,000 students.

With a dedicated assembly of administrators and educators, Lake Forrest Preparatory School is one of the top-rated private schools in Orange County. Our staff is invested in the best possible education for your child. By creating a collaborative bond of parents, teachers and individual students, Lake Forrest Preparatory School is wholly involved in giving your child the necessary tools to exceed all expectations. We have an exceptional curricula in areas of mathematics, language arts, social studies, science and technology and computers, to challenge students with hands-on activities that address all learning modalities. Our students experience education in life by learning through community involvement as well as studying life values in the classroom. Culture and arts, which recently have been slighted in public schools, have a high priority at Lake Forrest Preparatory School with classes in foreign languages, art, music and many extracurricular activities to give students the opportunity to work as a team, exercise in a safe environment and learn to think quickly.

Children of all racial, cultural, economical and educational levels are warmly welcomed into our school. We do not discriminate against any student and look forward to educating all students dedicated to academic achievement. Learn more about our philosophy, curriculum and organization by contacting one of our educational administrators today. We would love to explain why we are one of the top Orange County private schools.