Advanced Literature
Advanced Literature will be taught through authentic literature. Students will engage in literature circles, book discussions, comprehension quizzes, word of the day vocabulary, independent reading projects, and speeches. They use the Sadlier-Oxford advanced vocabulary series.

Writing and grammar are essential tools needed for communicating correctly and effectively as is emphasized in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy. The writing process is taught using Zaner Bloser Strategies for Writers. They learn how to form sentences, express their ideas, expand, improve, and edit their writing. The students express their own ideas through formal and creative writing. Grammar lessons come from Sadlier-Oxford curriculum. Sadlier uses a consistent instructional design that offers clear explanations, models, and abundant practice. Students learn to tackle grammar, usage, and mechanics in the context.

Middle School students will continue with the Saxon Mathematics Program. In Intermediate Course 1, 2, and 3 students learn and practice skills throughout the year as previous concepts are included in each new lesson. Computation is also practiced at the start of each lesson. Using the Saxon Mathematics Program, students develop higher-order thinking and become more confident problem solvers. Throughout these courses, there is a focus on algebraic thinking, problem solving and integrating manipulatives and technology into the curriculum.

Science is taught using the Core Knowledge Sequence and Pearson Science. Topics are presented systematically, and instruction includes hands on experience, observation, and reading of topic material. The science sequence for the middle school grades aims for a more intensive study of topics introduced in the earlier grades. Students are expected to do experiments and write reports on their findings.

Social Studies
Social Studies will also be taught from the Core Knowledge Sequence. Topics are presented systematically, so the world history guidelines match up chronologically with the American History guidelines. World history will teach students about things such as the industrialization in the mid-nineteenth century. Students will work with maps, globes, and other geographic tools. Timelines are used to engage students in a brief review of some major intervening events in order to help students make the transition across the gap of centuries.

Middle school students will participate in a variety of elective options throughout the school year.  These include Spanish, P.E., Art, Musical Theater, Technology, Leadership, and Creative Writing. Our 6th – 8th grade students will also have the opportunity to become a mentor in the younger grades.

Technology will be integrated throughout all subject areas using personal laptops and the computer lab. Students will sign an agreement on acceptable computer use and being a good digital citizen.
Lake Forrest Preparatory School continues to evaluate both the progress of each child and the success of each curriculum component from year to year.