Infants and toddlers enjoy programs uniquely designed for their age, which stimulate language, cognitive and social development. Teachers are in tune with the needs of each child and are patient and supportive as each child begins to communicate and understand. Our teachers provide carefully planned learning activities designed to capture the attention and excitement of children to propel them through their early learning experiences.

Early skills include helping children learn about themselves, moving and doing, and acquiring thinking skills. Activities include dabbling in art, pretend play, exploring sand and water, going outdoors, listening to stories and books, tasting and preparing food, and having fun with music and movement. Beginners have their own playground appropriate for safe exploration and strong gross motor development. These experiences are implemented through Creative Curriculum and developmentally appropriate weekly themes.

A developmental assessment of skills through Creative Curriculum is completed on each child twice a year. Parents are invited to attend a parent/teacher conference to discuss their child’s growth and development.