Mission Statement: Our Purpose At Lake Forrest Preparatory School, each child reaches his or her greatest potential as a responsible, productive, and capable individual. Vision: What We Hope to Become Lake Forrest Preparatory School aspires to create an atmosphere where school is an extension of the family: a school environment where teacher, parent, and student interactions involve solid connections, enriching lessons, and responsibility on the part of all three participants. Throughout preschool, elementary, and middle school, LFPS instills healthy choices and character education. Statement of Values: What Commitments We Are Willing to Adopt in Order to Make Our Vision a Reality Lake Forrest Preparatory School is committed to values that support academic excellence and positive interactions among individuals and communities. We value:

  • Character education: responsibility, fairness, citizenship, caring, trustworthiness, and respect
  • Curriculum that is enriching and relevant; curriculum that is accelerated, but capable of appropriate modifications
  • Open communication with staff and families including mutual respect for each participant
  • Student contributions across all academic, social, and community involvement
  • Diversity in our staff and families
  • Regular instruction in physical education, music, and Spanish
  • Responsibility of our environment: recycling, “Big Help”-community service projects
  • Wearing a uniform that establishes unity and pride in all students

Non-discrimination Statement Lake Forrest Preparatory School seeks a diverse student population and does not discriminate based on academic ability, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.


Lake Forrest Preparatory School is accredited with the Association of Independent School of Florida (AISF). AISF is recognized by the Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FAANS) as an accrediting agency for private schools in Florida. AISF is also a Charter Member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), which serves as a national review panel for the standards and procedures of private school accrediting associations.

Testing Philosophy

LFPS administers the SAT 10 for achievement testing at the elementary and middle school level. This continues to be the newest version available with the newest norms and most updated information when comparing our students to other students at the same age and grade level across the nation.

Achievement testing with a nationally normed achievement test like the SAT 10 evaluates the success of the curriculum, the staff, and the students with nationwide standards, not just the standards of Florida (FCAT).

Annual testing at every grade level, kindergarten through middle school, provides regular, consistent, and valuable information about Lake Forrest Prep, effectiveness of the curriculum, and the individual student’s progress.