A few decades ago, the goal of elementary education was to prepare you for the succeeding grade. Teachers doled out a cookie-cutter curriculum without variation from one student to the next. A test proved student learning capabilities. This system was seriously flawed; students suffered and the overall strength of education in the U.S. weakened significantly when compared to education in other countries.

Today, educators and parents realize elementary school is a crucial period in the life of a child since their later study habits, social interactions, and educational development is based on what they learn and experience prior to middle school. Parents are strenuously advocating for their children’s education, and more families are choosing private schools. While researching to find the best elementary school in Orlando, take a close look at Lake Forrest Preparatory School, where we strive to provide your child with an open and productive learning environment that closely resembles an extended family.

Our administrators and educators believe educating your child only begins with a strong curriculum. We believe in character education as well as giving children the opportunity to strengthen their skills in caring, respect, responsibility and fairness. Research has determined that the human brain responds more readily to critical thinking when a curriculum contains music and a foreign language, and our students are ensured a strong learning experience since these two branches of study are part of their learning regimen. While many schools struggle to incorporate physical education into their students’ schedules, we understand the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We offer basketball, soccer, yoga, and dance to keep students healthy while building camaraderie and team-building skills.

The teachers at Lake Forrest Preparatory School offer individualized attention to each student. Teachers, students and parents work as a team to ensure each student can overcome obstacles and attain their highest level of learning. This philosophy is one of the reasons Lake Forrest Preparatory School has been recognized as the best elementary school in Orlando. While our curriculum, instruction and assessments align with or exceed state standards, our methodology is vastly different; we learn each students’ strengths and areas of weakness before we begin teaching, then build lesson plans to stimulate learning on the highest level possible for every student. Please contact us today to learn how we can support your child’s learning potential.