When you walk into Lake Forrest Preparatory School you immediately feel like you are at home. With our warm atmosphere and close-knit relationships, you can feel secure knowing your child is getting the best care. Most of our staff knows every child by name, even those students not in the teachers’ class, and we treat each other as if we are one big family.

Lake Forrest Prep was established in 1991 to provide the choice of an Orlando private school community to a broader population; to create a community school where each child is safe and very well educated. Here each parent is invited to partner in the education of their children, and each child receives the chance to achieve his or her greatest potential. Each child and every family enjoys individual attention and respect, the very cornerstones on which successful learning is built.

At Lake Forrest Prep, we do not test students for enrollment or restrict entrance to the top 10% of tested candidates. Lake Forrest Prep has a diversified student population with children of all academic levels. Each student is guided and encouraged to reach his or her greatest potential. The curriculum is not based on passing standardized tests, but catered to providing each student with an enriching program that meets or exceeds standards and give students a well-rounded education. Historically our students exceed grade level expectations on the SAT testing results. Students are not pressured during testing, but are at ease and confident in their knowledge of the subject matter.

We believe that character building begins at a very young age. Character is what helps children become strong leaders. At Lake Forrest Prep all of our teachers, including those in preschool, participate in our character building curriculum. We understand that a child’s character is just as important as his or her academic performance. We recognize the importance of instilling good character traits in children at a young age and fostering it through the elementary and middle school years. As students leave Lake Forrest, not only do they have a solid academic foundation, but they also have strong values and character. Each month Lake Forrest Prep focuses on a different character trait including caring, respect, cooperation, trustworthiness, compassion, tolerance, citizenship, responsibility, and self-control.

The professionals at our Orlando private school understand that students perform better in school when a genuine relationship is shared between teachers, parents, and the administration. We have an open door policy here. You are welcome to share your ideas and thoughts with us or visit your child’s classroom at any time.

Experience the difference at Lake Forrest Preparatory School!